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  • Posted: June 25, 2014
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Summer Pep Rally at Fillmore Sparks Debate with Buyer’s Agents

al fazio

Al Fazio discusses Buyer Brokerage at Fillmore Pep Rally

Last night, Fillmore hosted the Summer Pep Rally at Buckley’s Caterers in Marine Park Brooklyn.After the introductions and a brief update on company programs and vendors, the program shifted into high gear as guest keynote Al Fazio took the microphone.  Al Fazio is one of the most respected real estate attorneys in the area and is currently the counsel for the Brooklyn Board of Realtors, Manhattan Board of Realtors, Staten Island Board of Realtors and Ulster County Board of Realtors.  As you might imagine, Al Fazio’s experience and expertise has made him the sought after expert on many real estate matters.  Fillmore reached out to Al to help us to better understand buyer’s agency and how to take advantage of the shift in the consumers desire to be better serviced when buying their homes.

For some strange reason it’s hard to understand why  one of the world’s most innovative hotspots BROOKLYN is dragging behind the country when it comes to certain real estate business practices.  Buyer Brokerage has become the choice of the consumer over the past 20 years and it is just popping up in some of our neighborhoods.  Those of you reading this outside our marketplace are probably scratching your heads wondering how it hasn’t evolved yet.  Don’t worry, that’s just how we roll here in BK.

Soon, Fillmore will be creating marketing pieces catered to attracting buyers loyalty.  Our certified buyer representative will offer a special brand of service that will specialize in better representing the buyer needs.  Clients will be able to see more inventory, including open listings, and under-compensated, unfavorable selling brokerage splits.  We believe that over time, the industry will adapt in BK to conform with what has transpired across the country.

I’ll be discussing all the aspects of buyer brokerage and openly discuss the challenges and obstacles that we face along the way.  I’m confident that we will look back at this evolution as a long overdue necessity in our constant mission to strive to provide the best services to our clients.


  • Posted: May 2, 2014
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Fillmore Brooklyn Opens Bed Stuy Office and expands power with REBNY

bed stuy opening pic On April 30th, 2014 Fillmore officially cut the ribbon on our new Bedford Stuyvesant office.

Although the day was dampened by monsoon-like and continuous rain, there were still over 200 friends and colleagues that came by to wish us well.   The event was catered with a nice assortment of wine, cheese and finger foods.  The assortment of people was even more impressive.

The wonderful vibe in the room was something that one might only be able to capture in one of Brooklyn’s trendy and transitioning neighborhoods.  The energy..level 10, the excitement – 10, and the conversation about the Brooklyn real estate buzz was enough to light up the Williamsburgh Savings Bank Tower!

It was nice to see so many new agents that have jumped onboard the team ready to service one of Brooklyn’s hottest neighborhoods..Bed Stuy.  It seems that if you build it, they will come.  Creating an office in a hot spot makes getting great agents to come on in an easier task.

Since the office is a boutique 1200sq ft space, we will be selecting the best agents with the desire and passion to service the community best.

cutty sark dad

Dad joined in on the celebration and we shared shots of Cutty in his honor. We even poured a shot in the corner of the office for good luck from Bill!

One of the great tributes to the togetherness of the company was when we saw that agents and managers from all 14 offices made their way in the inclement weather to stop by to wish good luck.  That’s true effort…no excuses dedication that you’ve got to love.

For an old-timer like me, grand opening celebrations remind me of the excitement that we had back in the glory days of real estate.  I believe that we brought a lot of that excitement back the other night as agents are more optimistic and excited to be part of a company that is growing and recreating itself to be even more relevant in today’s marketplace.

Fillmore Brooklyn is more than just a new name that has been placed on the awning of Bed Stuy. Fillmore Brooklyn is a new company with new branding and imaging that was created to handle the different needs of the downtown consumer even better.  Fillmore Brooklyn is now proud members of REBNY, and we look forward to working more closely with brokers throughout the market to deliver the ultimate experience for our sellers and buyers alike.

In addition to Fillmore Brooklyn’s Bed Stuy Office, we have begun the process of transforming out other downtown offices to conform with our new branding with a fresh look and feel.  Our Fort Green office has already been updated, and our Atlantic Avenue location is under construction now.    Our Bay Ridge location complements our offering of quality stock homes and we are positioned to be the top REBNY broker in the Bay Ridge marketplace.  There is a need for inventory in the area, and a need for brokers that service the area better for Manhattan buyers.

Fillmore sees a tremendous opportunity with our new affiliation with REBNY, and we are also proud to be part of the BNYMLS for the rest of Brooklyn.  It seems like both Fillmore Real Estate and Fillmore Brooklyn will combine to create the true powerhouse in Brooklyn.

We sell more homes in Brooklyn than anyone else!
Watch out brokers…Fillmore is on a roll, and we’re taking back what is rightfully ours…BROOKLYN…All of Brooklyn!

  • Posted: March 4, 2014
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Top 7 Apps for Real Estate Agents in 2014

Women’s Council of Realtors – Mardi Gras Luncheon
March 4, 2014
John Reinhardt’s Notes

The real estate industry is one where communication and the ability to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the market differentiate you from your competition.  Here are some of the tools that may be helpful in your quest to stay better organized and to have valuable information available to your clients and for your clients with only a few matter where you may be or what device you may be accessing the information from.

The first thing to do is to get yourself organized in the cloud.  Create a place where you can store and access important documents and files from anywhere.

The next step is to use some sort of program that can help you to organize all the date into nice compartments and folders.  Evernote is a great tool for organization and it can be used on any device. The information is automatically synced and kept up to date.  You can share Evernote files with your customers.

Although I don’t think that the consumers are all there yet, I find that it’s great to have a digital signing solution available to get that signature on the spot.  Online document signing is becoming more popular as it keeps track of all changes which can be made to a contract and saves time of printing, signing, revising and then getting signatures again.


If you need to access your files that still reside on your computer, you could benefit from a remote access program such as LogMeIn
Social Media is the way to go to communicate with our potential customers and to stay in touch with current or previous customers.
The photo sharing sensation Instagram is a great one to start sharing photos with.

Pinterest is another photo sharing board where people curate items of interest and attract followers with similar interests.

What’s App is the new sensation that already has swept the international scene.  You can now text for free over wifi networks.  This saves people from cellular plans and if a popular way to communicate with clients around the world.

These are a few of the applications and websites that I use most frequently.  Technology always changes and I will also keep you posted on the changes that occur and offer my opinion as to how I believe they can benefit our industry.index