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  • Posted: February 12, 2010
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Sockless in Brooklyn – A Day in the Shoes of a Real Estate Board President?

sockless in Brooklyn

BBOR Will Knock Your Socks Off

What’s it like to be the president of your local Board of Realtors?
As I took the oath of office in January, I knew that I was in for a year of commitment and dedication to the Brooklyn Board of Realtors.  I take my responsibilities seriously and immediately prepared my business plan of action right from the  contents of my inauguration speech.
With an open mind, and a fresh look I analyzed the organization as it has been operating and treated it like a business that I was hired to take over.  I immediately looked at how well we’ve been doing, and we have been doing some great things in Brooklyn.  We’ve a much larger entity in the state over the past ten years, and we’re becoming stronger and smarter with each year.

An honest look at the Brooklyn Board, the services offered and the perception of the board from the members point of view was in order.  I simply called a sampling of agents from around the area that I respected and found out their thoughts about the BBOR.

1) What do you think the BBOR does?
2) What do you expect from the BBOR this year?
3)What do you wish the BBOR could do better?
4)What could the BBOR do that would knock your socks off?
5) Would you be willing to be a part of the team that knocks the socks off the Brooklyn agents this year?   (Sockless in Brooklyn)

New Purpose, New Committees Created To Accomplish Needs:
After asking these questions and finding out the desires and needs of the Board, I got together with a few advisors from the board and restructured the committee list.
We described the committees in more detail and came up with a couple of new committees.

Mr. Google helped us to find what committees other boards of realtors were using around the country, and a little research gave us a lot of new ideas.
We introduced 3 New Committees and a bunch of sub-committees that would now enable the board to accomplish the extra tasks that the membership desired….but where  were we going to get all the extra help.

The BEST thing you could do as  a leader is to pick the best team to surround yourself with!
Let me repeat that..The BEST thing you can do as a leader is to pick the best team to surround yourself with.   I reached out to past presidents,future presidents, the executive officer of the board and some old-timers in the business.  I also reached out to some of Brooklyn’s finest younger agents and brokers that were great with social media and technology.  This informal advisory board helped guide me in the right direction with regards to committee chairperson selection.  We decided to not give the same positions to the same people over and over again, but to add younger and brand new Vice Chairs to most committees that will offer a fresh look at each committee and help bring the new agenda to their meetings.   We added extra workload onto each committee, but we added extra leadership to assist to get those tasks done too.
We have great committees and great chairs..but Now What?
After careful selection of Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs, it was now time to fill the committees with some of the great talent that is available in Brooklyn.   We are blessed with a borough of extremely talented and willing people.  It was up to us to get them involved now, and excited about what we were doing.
We came up with a special meeting with FREE Brooklyn Pizza and beverage to try to get an audience to describe our agenda too, in the hopes of gaining the support of some new people to sign up for committees of the BBOR.

The First Committee Day was held last week and there was standing room only.  It seems that everyone we called showed up along with a few extra people.  We reached out the the membership via Facebook and emails and followed up with phone calls and got the job done.  We now have an army of new people anxious to get involved in the Brooklyn Board of Realtors…the most increased committee involvement ever.

Now it’s up to each committee to meet and make sure that the mission set before them is accomplished. It goes back to the basics in leadership, “Inspect what you Expect”
A simple note, phone call and recognition goes a long way toward getting the team up and running.  There’s no time to hesitate here.

Special Events Committee Left Meeting CHARGED UP:
Main Event already planned!
Since Tuesday, the committees have set up our agents day, arranged for keynote speaker, booked the place, and created a new website for the event
They even have gotten a dozen sponsors in five days that will help make the event successful.  This is simply amazing.
As a leader, I immediately took advantage of this great effort and sent a quick note to all the committee chairs sharing the great work that the committees are doing.  This motivated another committee chair to call me last nite for advice on an event that they wanted to hold.  When people see others moving, they move too.  It’s great to be on such an exciting movement….for all…expecially me.

Hey, by the way, if you are a reader of and know of anyone that would like to get in front of hundreds of agents for just a few hundred bucks, let me know and we would love to have them at agentsday.  You can check out more info at

I hear the Tech Committee now has a dozen new members, and they are uniting on a Board Facebook page and sponsoring a special Tech Class to help get agents up to speed.
There is a brand new Young Professionals Network: Future of Real Estate Group that is considering scheduling a meetup for St. Patty’s Day.   I can’t wait to announce that event and attend…I”m not sure I’m young, but I’m certainly young at heart.
The New Green Committee is going to sponsor the GREEN Bagels for the St. Patty’s Day meetup.

Things are going great at the Brooklyn Board of Realtors.  I know it’s an extra job, but it can be rewarding if you do it with your full heart and commitment.
If you’re wondering how I have the time to do this…
My dad always told me, “Give a busy man something to do and it will get done!”  I have always taken my dad’s advice here, and it always seems to work!  Thanks Dad!
Dad would continue to explain why this phenomenon works.  Busy people have a lot to do and MUST be organized and they must have plans, deadlines and systems.  That type of person can get the job done.

I am very fortunate to be able to have such a great team  at the Brooklyn Board of Realtors and I am confident that we will get the job done.
Get Involved and make the real estate world (our world) a better place!

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