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  • Posted: April 12, 2012
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Construction begins on The FIRM’s first location

You’re either moving forward or you’re falling behind!
For a company to be stagnant in this changing environment would certainly cause loss of business, and possibly the beginning of the end. At a recent meeting of top real estate industry leaders, discussions were held about how the industry has changed, and how they have changed their business models, and perhaps the real estate brokerage industry forever. Many examples were given to clearly demonstrate the point that consumers and agents do not need us for the same reasons they did just ten years ago. Office design and functionality must change with the times. Gone are the days of walking into prime real estate space and seeing that you have desks upon desks, but no real purpose for them. Most all companies have evolved into fewer locations with better services. Those companies who haven’t yet adjusted their company to the new world of business, might be too late and there are many who don’t even know that it’s time to change and we predict that those will not change wont have to worry, because their business will change without them. Many of the smaller brokers will find that it just doesn’t make sense to stay in business anymore.
The big shakeup is no secret, as it’s been happening around us and right in front of our eyes. Those that deny the new models either haven’t taken the time to study what’s going on around them, or they are at a complacent or winding down stage of their career where they choose not to be open to doing things differently that have been proven to increase revenue and cut expenses.
Companies do not have the luxury of accommodating these old school beliefs, as they are detrimental to the survival and future growth of the entire company. For the good of the whole team, these dissenters must be either reenergized or unfortunately, replaced. The company can only have one clear direction and everything that holds you back is a step in the wrong direction.
Leaders are challenged here to make sure that the path and vision is clearly articulated and that the plan is executed as it was created.
It’s time to grow up as a company and reposition yourself for the future. One exercise often used to assist companies along the journey of transition is to go through the process of how would you creAte a brand new company if you were to open your doors today,6 months from now, or 3 years from today. The ideas for this New Model should still be used today as a guide as to where you need to bring your existing company.
The company that is created that keeps your traditional brand and updated it with some new plans and strategies is known as a “Transitional Model”. This transitional model is the best of both worlds for many companies as the company retains its original personality, but now adapts better to the needs of the consumer and the agents that service them.
We have all got to move ahead with the opportunities that are available to us today.
Other companies have ready positioned themselves, or they will be doing so soon.
Since we believe that change is inevitable, we might as well be proactive and reap the benefits that speed bring with it. To be reactive, would cause lost opportunities and hinder growth and expansion pace and depth.
Fillmores plan is to recreate the brand and the systems that have gotten us to the top over the years, and create an easily duplicatable model that will allow us to successfully expand in other markets.
If you’re not growing, you’re moving backwards. We are excited to be creating the first leg in our future growth spurt!

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