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  • Posted: May 8, 2012
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Ohh… The Sweet Sound of Fighting over a Real Estate Deal in Brooklyn.. Fuhgeddaboutit

Bring back the fighting…fuhgeddaboutit.
I was happy to hear two agents arguing the other day.  They were fighting over a deal.  It seems that the listing agent was guiding the seller to take their deal over the higher offer of another office.  Of course the other agent involved felt that this was not fair, and that smells of trouble. In reality, the listing agents deal was better simply because it had a significantly larger down payment and a pre-approval from a preferred bank.

I know that agents fighting over a deal isn’t good….but I can’t help but smile because I am happy that people are now fighting to get a home.  There is more activity out there and the sound of arguments is a welcomed one…I think.

Last month, Fillmore’s sales were up 22% over April of 2011.  There are multiple offers at open houses and it seems like things are finally looking up.  Now, I won’t get too excited here because this false hope has already occurred at least three times in this market.  I will tell you this though…any activity is good activity.  It’s like they say about publicity…any publicity is good publicity.  So, any activity is good activity.

I don’t know if Brooklyn is different than the rest of the country, but we’ve got a lot of fight in us, and it seems that these challenging times bring with them higher strung agents than normal (if that’s possible to believe).  It is for this reason that we are now instituting drinking on Fridays at my office.  That’s right..on Friday’s at 3PM, you can come to our corporate offices and enjoy a little networking and a cocktail or two.

We might not sell more houses, but we’ll have a lot of fun trying!

CHEERS!  Here’s to a brighter Spring selling season.  Hope it’s a great one.
If you’re having a better market, or if you’ve heard of good stories, let us know.  It’s about time we heard some good things happening in the real estate industry.

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