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  • Posted: May 18, 2012
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The Game Isn’t Getting the Leads…It’s Following Up and Converting Them

Most of the top brokers have already figured out how to market their properties online.  We’ve shifted our resources and relationships away from print to online media partners, and we couldn’t be happier with the returns on our investment.  So, now that we’re getting tons and tons of leads, what are we doing to capture them and convert them into sales.

Fillmore recognizes that we are missing a lot of opportunities out there, and we are stepping up our game to do something about it.
The first thing that we did, was to go through the city tax register to see who bought properties in our marketplace.  We then did a cross check with our buyer database, and to no surprise, we found that some of the buyers that bought properties were on our system and neglected by the agent.  The kicker was when we found a buyer that bought an agent’s listing through another broker.  We had the lead, and we lost the opportunity!  OUCH!!!

The deeper we dug, the more we discovered.  This is an industry-wide situation that needs to be better addressed.

This week, Fillmore launched it’s own MatchMaker system that simply matches buyers with new properties and alerts them when something new comes to the market.  While the match and alert concept is not a new one, the difference here is that we are going to place every new buyer on this system and then watch the business increase.  If an agent doesn’t register the buyer in the Matchmaker system, then they will have no rights to that buyer should they contact us again.  New business will be assigned to agents that are working the matchmaker system regularly.

Already, some Fillmore offices are jumping all over this opportunity.  One agent entered the 250 buyers that attended their open houses this year onto the system.  Agents are all now more diligent in getting the buyers email addresses, so they can get them registered and matched up.   I think that this MatchMaker system is just what the company needed to kickstart many agents online business activity.

We are already seeing increased activity and added value to our online marketing dollars!  Our call nights are getting agents to contact past buyers and activity is being generated.  We’re converting leads to MORE SALES!

I’ll keep you posted as to the progress of AgentDashboard’s MatchMaker.  If you have any great successes, please tell us that too.

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