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  • Posted: September 19, 2012
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RIS Media – Executive CEO Summit Held at The Yale Club NYC

I must tell you that the RIS Media CEO Exchange was JUST RIGHT!  When I attended this week’s event, I was not sure what to expect, but as it turned out, it was one of my top ten events of all time.  That’s a lot to say, but let me share with you what magic ingredients made this an exceptional event.

First of all, you have only 140 of some of the absolute top industry leaders and visionaries in the room.  John Featherston has an amazing knack for being able to curate some of the best minds in one room.
A few speakers spoke about their markets in relations to Goldilocks, where they jumped from a market that was too cold to one that is too hot…if that’s imaginable.  This event was JUST RIGHT!

John Featherston opened the event and let us know what to expect.  The Yale Club set the stage for what was to be the perfect environment for us to get down to business.  The attire of the group was more formal in nature with the men in suits and ties.  I believe that this more formal attire set the stage for some serious discussions about the business and the direction that we need to take it in.

When Ron Peltier opened up, he painted the picture that the real estate market has definitively turned the corner and put the economic and sales numbers in line with what normal expectations should be.  There are many noted markets that have been showing a challenge with having enough inventories.  These markets went from being too cold to too hot as Goldilocks would report, and the agents are still complaining.  Actually, the opportunity here is great for those who are ready and have the proper plans and systems in place to take advantage of the market.

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