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  • Posted: September 15, 2012
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Womens Council of Realtors – Seminar

WCR Luncheon John ReinhardtJohn Reinhardt spoke about Real Estate in the Age of Technology at the September Back to Business Luncheon for the Brooklyn Womens Council of Realtors.  The event was well attended and actually the group got 4 new members to join that day.

John had an open discussion about everything relating to online marketing and social media.  It is belived that the best way to earn business today is fundamentally the same as it was when the company was founded in 1966; through relationships.  The way that relationships are established and developed today has changed though.

Pinterest, Facebook, Linked In and Twitter seemed to be the hottest topics and vehicles that the local realtors are using today.  There is growing interest in contact management and client follow up systems to help to nurture the online and offline relationships.

Agents seem to have no issue getting buyers, but they are challenged in delivering great service to the large numbers of prospects that they come in touch with.  Matchmaker alert systems are among the most commonly recognized ways that agents can capture and develop relationships with today’s consumer.

The luncheon only touched the subjects and John offered his phone number to go over any of the strategies with any of the agents that were in attendance and are part of the Brooklyn Womens Council of Realtors.


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