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Thank you for taking a moment to see how you can get involved with The Reinhardt Blog.
It is our mission to raise the bar of the real estate industry.  It is also part of our mission not to pass a bar when we’re together at a conference.

The brokers that I have gotten to know over the years that are still in the game are all fun and exciting in their own ways.
Each broker has a different and unique perspective on what’s going on.  In my humble opinion, if you’re still in the game, you’re a winner.

At first, I thought that I wouldn’t find many broker/owners online, but that’s not the case.  There are some of us online, but there are a lot more of us that need to join the conversation.  Perhaps we can provide content that is interesting and helpful enough to excite our fellow brokers to join us.

There is no right or wrong answer on TRB…just discussions and possible solutions….from friends.

Anyone can get involved with TRB.
It’s especially important to hear from the Brokers in the street though.  That’s what’s going to make this blog valuable.  Then when we add the great comments of speakers, trainers and writers, we’ll get the discussion going.

Agents and vendors can validate our discussions and/or offer debate and other solutions for us.
The agents, and office support teams will be able to provide us with valuable comments and an in the streets point of view.

If you’re a vendor, you may contribute your point of view on topics that are relevant to your area of service and expertise.

It’s basically open territory, but limited to those who take it seriously.

Please understand that content may be edited to fit with the purpose of The Reinhardt Blog.

Let’s get some representation from around the country.
I know we can make a difference..let’s do it together!

Hey friends…give me a call, and I’ll buy the next round at the bar.


Please understand  that this is an offer…the full terms are in a prospectus filed with (only kiddin’).

I hope to see you soon.


John P. Reinhardt